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Hi, I'm Denise aka "The Leopard Lady"

"Think about your life, and forget about your age!

The Leopard Lady's French Boutique 
Design Studio
117 East Main Street
Pilot Mountain, North Carolina 

I love using the things I love and treasure as inspiration for the 
design  my new studio and boutique is a reflection of these things. 
I have used vintage pieces, sentimental keepsakes, both European and Shabby Chic style, and of course ounces of Leopard Print.  
The Leopard Lady's French Market will offer unique home and garden decor, fresh flowers and herbs, local handmade gifts and decor, yummybaked breads, muffin, and pastries, a chocolate bar, 
and so much more.   

Leopard Print Wedding Candles

Leopard Print Faux Leather Wine Purse
to buy:
(click on Leopard Print Christmas Gifts)

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The Leopard Lady says....... 
The Leopard Lady's 
25% off all Holiday Decor 
If you are looking for some of the most unique and fabulous 
Christmas tree skirts, stockings and pillows, 
please stop back in on November 15th. 
We make anything you can imagine for your home, holiday, wedding, fashion, or as a special gift in Leopard Print, Zebra, Giraffe or any other animal print.
If you are looking for the most unique Christmas Tree skirt, pillows, or stockings, and want one that no one else with have, then send me a message!!
Each item is unique and designed especially for you!!
Questions, contact me through my Guest Book!

Elizabeth from Jamestown, North Carolina just posted a comment:
Rumor has it......that you will be hosting 
The Leopard Lady French Market Home and Garden Sale this fall.
Is this true and if so, can you please send me the information on dates, time, and location? By the way, I cannot say how much I LOVE my Vintage Leopard Print Hobo Bag! All of my friends are wanting to order one of their own. Thank you for the beautiful package, I was thrilled when I got home to find it waiting for me. Liz
The Leopard Lady says......... Liz you are so welcome and yes, I will be hosting one of the most unique sales at my new design studio and boutique.
Dates and time will be posted here very soon. 

Heidi just bought this table runner!


Donna Maloney from New Jersey says......
Omg, I just love you to pieces!!!! My panels are perfect!!
And the Halloween Mantle Scarf is so great and I was going to send you a leopard pen lol so funny you sent me a zebra,thank you so much for the gift certificate so very nice of you. When I put the panels into my screen I will post them. Do you make the placemats in runners? They are so nice my girls love all the stuff to thanks again this made my day today you have no idea!!!! XOXOXOXO's

Donna says..... I just wanted to let you know I received my order today. Thank you so much for the place mats. I LOVE everything and I will definitely be ordering in the future. Thanks again!

Nikki says..... I just love The Leopard Lady's Shabby Chic Style!!

 Lindsay McLouth  from Tennessee  bought this 
Leopard Lady Vanity Tray
and I would love to make one custom for you!

 Some of the most unique Leopard Print and Animal Print Stockings, Tree Skirts & Gifts
I will be adding so many new Leopard Print, Animal Print, Peacock Print, Christmas items like you have never seen before!!
 Very unique stockings, tree skirts, ornaments, pillows, Christmas Trees, Floral Arrangements, swags and so much more! These are all one of a kind, and will not be duplicated so be sure to come back and check these very unique decorations for your home and office. 

A Partridge in a Pear Tree
I have honestly had this piece of art for more than fifteen years and I still love it as much today 
as I did the day I bought it.
Of course, the decor wouldn't be complete without the 'Leopard Print' ribbon.

Parisian Peacock Christmas Tree
So this is my room, my haven, my place to chill and relax and watch tv, read a book, and I always lite my candles.
This tree is always changing and I LOVE IT!! It is adorned with some of the prettiest soft blue shades along with silver, gold, and copper, snowflakes, tassels, and of course, Peacock Feathers.

Parisian Peacock Dining Room
I transformed this room by removing a small door and replacing with a large opening, painting the dark walls in a champagne tone on tone color and sprinkling a bit of fairy dust into the paint to give it the sparkle.

The table is dressed with a Peacock Floral arrangement, blue salad plates, silver charges, and gold place mats.
Each guest will no their seat by their name on the unique gift they will receive.

Wedding Decor
Leopard Print Wedding Guest Book
Leopard Print Wedding Gift Box

Many more Leopard Print Wedding  and Christmas items coming soon!

The Leopard Lady Christmas Tree

Christmas and Holiday Decor and Gifts
We offer custom made Christmas  & Holiday Decor.
We carry a wide array of 'Leopard Print Fabrics and can
make most anything your heart desires.
If you are looking to purchase just for yourself or wholesale, we make stockings, tree skirts, ornaments, table cloths and runners, mantle scarves, aprons, pillows, bed linens, bath towels and so much more with or without monograms.
All of our designs are one of a kind and designed to make an impression.
Contact me through my 'Guest Book' or 336-710-0142
All of our gifts are deliciously wrapped in our 'Leopard Print' paper.
click on:
Girls Gone Wild Christmas
Leopard Print Christmas Gifts
Check out a few of our gifts and decor
Luxury Bath Set

Leopard Print Earrings

Crystal Frame

Fragrance Reed Diffuser

Leopard Print Jewelry Dress Form

Drawer Liners

Leopard Print Animal File Folder

One of a kind Christmas Tree Skirts

Leopard Print Christmas Ornaments
Artist: Debbie Taylor
Click on: 'Girls Gone Wild'

Leopard Print Christmas Ornament
Artist: Debbie Taylor

Leopard Print Faux Fur Christmas Ornament
Artist: Denise Payne

Leopard Lady Designs
Leopard Lady Designs is the dream company that I have created to offer women beautiful things they want and a unique lifestyle they desire.
I thrive on being creative and it is my passion to cater to your wishes, ideas, and custom design anything you can imagine.
I am an interior designer, landscape designer, and custom wedding designer.

Wedding and Holiday Theme Package
If you are looking for a one of a kind and truly unique wedding theme or holiday theme, then please send me your wishes or favorite color, anything that is special to you. I will use the information that you send and design a custom design like no other and send it directly to you for approval. All correspondence is handled via email and never shared with anyone other than myself.
For more information please contact me by clicking on 'Guest Book' and sending me a message. I will respond promptly.

Check out what some of my clients have to say...
Click on 'Guest Book' under Info.

Attention Men: Please check out my "Just for Men"

 Cobblestone Court Gardens
check out several pictures of beautiful flowers below

If you are looking for my Garden Sale, click on
Cobblestone Court and Cottage (upper left hand corner)

Cobblestone Court & Cottage
Garden & Landscape

Arborvitae 'Green Giant Trees
These trees are one of the fastest growing evergreen trees on the market.
They grow up to 5' per year once established and are disease, insect,
deer, and bag worm resistant.
Great for quick privacy and wind block.
Ideal spacing is 6'-8' apart.

Thuja Arborvitae 'Green Giant' Tree

Almost full grown.

Close up.

Guy in picture stands over 6' tall.
Actual container 8' tall tree

Cobblestone Court Garden's


'Verbena and Lamb's Ear'

'Purple Cone Flower'

"A Leopard Lady Christmas Carol"
Merry Christmas! 
Click on: "A Christmas Carol"
located on left hand side bar
featuring unique Leopard Print Christmas Decorations.
Leopard Print Animated Christmas Carolers,
Tree Skirts,Mistletoe Kissing Balls/
Leopard Print Party Poppers
coming soon.

Whatta bout a "Leopard Lady Christmas Cow Girl"........ 
 Leopard Print: These are one of a kind custom hand made and very unique Christmas ornaments, treeskirts, stockings, pillows, angels, throws, table runners, wreaths, cones, and so many unique decorations in beautiful "Leopard Print."
Custom Orders: Creativity is my passion, and I would be honored to create a truly unique decoration or gift for you. I love to create coordinating tree skirts, stockings, and pillows with monograms and so unique, unlike anything you will find in retail.
If you need a little help with your ideas or want to place a custom order, then contact me at the email below with any questions or custom order information.
Ladies, I cannot express how unique the pieces are that we custom design, the design with the embellishments just put these on a different level.
Leopard Lady Designer Gift Wrap
Pro: You will definitely make a unique impression with your gift giving, if you allow us to custom wrap your gift in such a way that the lucky person who receives it will always remember you and so will anyone else who sees it. 
Con: Next year, everyone will want a gift from you!
Contact us for pricing.

Leopard Lady Designs invites you to step inside a world of luxurious gifts and home decor, a place to dream and design, a place to indulge your body and soul, a place to linger, meditate and rejuvenate,
 a place to invision and develop a positive attitude.
Attention Men: Even though my website caters mostly to women, I am designer to everyone and can be of great assistance to you.
 Click on our "Just For Men" page.
"What a girl wants, what a girl needs" 
  • Interior Design- Full Service- We help you to create a beautiful and tranquil home.
  • Home,Heart,Holiday - Allow us to save you thousands of dollars by giving you Custom Designed Wedding Decorations and then repurposing them to decorate your home and Christmas Holidays. Very unique and beautiful decor.
  • Mind - "The Power of Positive Thoughts" 
  • Body - "Nourishment, Necessity, and Indulgence"
  • Soul - "The Colors of your Soul"- A monthly newsletter created just for women.
  • Home Decor - Furnishing and Accessories for every design style and budget.
  • Custom Gifts - It is truly a privilege to custom design unique one of a kind gifts for women. Mother's Day, Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, or Just Because, are some of the special occasions that make these gifts so desirable. Delivered in a truly unique "Leopard Lady Designer" Gift Package. "Once she receives one of these, no other will do".
 The Leopard Lady's Goal: To be a posive influence, to make a difference,
 and to make "Leopard Print" the new neutral.
The Leopard Lady's Design Studio 
 The Leopard Lady Design Studio
"Peacocks in a Pear Tree"
The Leopard Lady Design Studio was designed with the theme
"Peacocks in a Pear Tree".
The color story consist of the most beautiful colors in a peacock feather. 
 A vintage sofa is all dressed up in our signature "Leopard Print" .
 Luxurious fabrics were used in creative ways to achieve a studio that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also pleasing to all the senses. 
 Cashmere and silk pillows, crystal and  beaded candles, European tassels and trim, rich and indulgent chocolate, homemade sweet rolls and coffee,
along with unique furnishings make this a place where those who enter want to linger and stay for a while. 
 A beautiful Parisian Print sits above the fireplace with two frilly feather lamps.
The "Leopard Print" stockings are hung by georgous silk french ribbons.

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